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near San Bernardino, CA

Process Serving Local: $85

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Legal Lawgic provides coverage of all aspects of service of process local and nationwide and investigations including: stakeouts, skip tracing, non-routine services, multiple-party, multiple-address service, and investigation on bad addresses. We prepare all California and Federal proof of services forms for you.

Our web portal will provide you with up-to-date status reports with the exact details of your service, including dates and times of every attempt, along with an executed proof of service, once your documents have been served.

For rush and special assignments, we are able to email or fax the copy of the proof of service prior to sending you the original.

Priority Types:

Standard: Attempted within 3-4 days of receipt
Today: Attempted Same Day as Receipt
Special: Attempted with 1-3 hours or specific time

Services Include:

24/7 Status updates available
GPS Stamp upon Completion
Proof of Delivery via email
50 pages or less: no charge

Available in the following Counties: