Mobile Photocopy/Reproduction:

Whether your service request is Subpoena-based or Authorization-based, Legal Lawgic can do the job for you by providing multiple levels of Mobile Photocopy Services. We can upload all files directly to our database and send right to you in a flash. With our database, we scan, copy, and send directly to you at your location.

On-Site Photocopy/Reproduction:

When the documents can’t be removed from the site, Legal Lawgic has a wide range of Licensed On-Site Photocopying capabilities to handle any volume of copying. With contractors located in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and teams of field representatives, no On-Site production job is out of our reach. We can provide a number of film cameras or scanner options to get the project done with the fastest turn-around time and the best quality.

On-Site Services include:

Video, CD, DVD, Hard Copies, USB Drive, Duplication of Legal Documents

No more need to bring bulky scanners to get your documents retrieved. Now we keep cost down with the same capabilities with smart phones. Faster and more cost effective.

Priority Types:

Standard: Next Day
Today: Same Day
Special: Same Day (Specific Time)

Services Include:

Submit instructions via pickup, email or upload through Web Portal
Status updates available 24/7
GPS coordinates & time stamp on completion
Proof of completion via e-mail
E-mail and/or mail back requested documents